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Bulldog Health Problems

Some Bulldog health problems relate to their respiratory system. Because of the size of their windpipes, Bulldogs can have some breathing problems. It's therefore important that you ensure they are given good ventilation, in which case it rarely becomes a major issue.

The breed's sensitivity to temperature is the main cause of most other Bulldog health problems, which often take the form of allergies and diseases of the skin (temperate climates are best for Bulldogs). Whilst there are a few skin conditions for which veterinary attention must be sought, simple remedies will cure most of them.

Although most Bulldog allergies can usually be treated with topical medicines, it should be noted that they can lead to other skin infections if not promptly cleared up. Consult a vet with any condition that's slow to respond to treatment or appears to be getting worse. If the skin reaction worsens it can lead to mite infestation and Demodectic Mange. Demodectic Mange often affects the dog's immune system very badly and can be quite dangerous if not caught early.

Particularly common among Bulldogs are Tear Stains and other yeast infections. Excess moisture from tearing, or continuous wetness of the fur from drinking, can soften the skin and provide breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast. Antibacterial teardrops and other topical medications offer effective treatment.

Severe abbesses usually found between the dog's toes called Interdigital Cysts are another common Bulldog skin condition. Ingrown hair is usually the cause and regular application of iodine solution or similar is generally an effective cure, although in severe cases surgical removal may necessary.

Dermatitis is a bacterial infection that attacks inflamed skin caused by flea bites, or areas of skin softened due to moisture or poor ventilation. The infection develops into crusty spots usually found beneath skin folds or under the tail. Special shampoos or orally administered vitamins quickly and easily remedy the problem. Foul smelling moist patches of skin containing pus are known as Hotspots and are a common type of Dermatitis in dogs. Hotspots will require treatment with antibiotics.

More severe diseases like epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis and cancer can also strike your pet bulldog. Bulldog owners need to monitor the health of their dog more closely than owners of other breeds, because given their great tolerance for pain, it can be quite hard to detect a sick bulldog.

The primary health of bulldogs starts from the mother. If the mother is in excellent shape, chances are, the puppies will be in great health too. In reverse, mothers who have diseases can pass on infections and parasites to the puppies as well. Healthy Bulldog mothers can make the puppies disease resistant for a period of eight to ten weeks.

When purchasing or adopting an adult Bulldog, it's not too difficult to spot any health problems. However, if you get a Bulldog puppy for a family pet, some health issues may only become obvious as the pup grows older.

It is therefore highly recommended that as soon as they acquire them, owners take their new Bulldog puppies to the veterinarian for an immediate check-up. The vet can determine the overall condition of the puppies, and will make recommendations on how to take care of them.

Bulldog puppies can develop umbilical hernia after birth. This happens when the umbilical cord is broken when the mother gave birth, or if the mother nibbled on the umbilical area. This is quite common among the Bulldog breed.

If you take note of the information in this article, particularly in terms of not overexposing your Bulldog to heat and avoiding creating breeding grounds for bacteria by ensuring your Bulldog and its living space are kept clean, as well as regularly checking for any symptoms of the common Bulldog health problems discussed above, you will go and long way towards keeping your lovable Bully happy and well. Also remember that a nutritious diet and regular exercise is essential to maintain your Bulldog's health and fitness.

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French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

With the advent of modernization and liberalization, people find themselves in a mess and they do not have a proper companion to play with in their free time. Most of the people prefer to go with French bulldog puppies.

These pups are real cute and are also termed as highly social beings because they have this peculiar tendency to mix with people and the atmosphere around them. This is the reason that is making them the first choice while shopping for a pet.

These French bulldog puppies are so popular, as they are highly social, cute looking, playful and also easy to take care of, i.e. they have all the qualities that a perfect pet has to have. These pups have got a peculiar look, which makes them different from other pups and moreover they have more features than any other pup.

French bulldog puppies are thus the best choice one can make if they want to have a pet and a good companion because they are not only good looking, but also are very loyal to their masters. But, buying the pup should be followed by taking care of them, and French pups are the most flexible to take care of.

One should give their pup a vaccination and all the required things that can prevent medical hazards and conditions. French bulldog puppies are easy to take care of and spend time with, like for instance, one can go on a walk with them and also play with them.

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How to Choose the Right English Bulldog Puppy

Are you eager to add a new member to your family? With its stocky stature, massive head and dense folds of skin on its forehead, an English Bulldog is among the cutest of pets. This friendly breed also makes a good guard dog.

English Bulldog Puppies: How to Choose One

Popular since the late seventieth century (for bull-baiting in Britain), this Bulldog is the official mascot of the US Marine Corps. There a several factors that you must consider before buying an English Bulldog puppy.

What you must know about the breed

An adult English Bulldog can grow to 16 inches and weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. It has a square and muscular build, with a wide head and shoulders. Its dark round eyes and droopy lips make dog lovers swoon over it.

Although a bulldog has an unfriendly and aggressive expression, it is in fact very docile and tolerant. Its appearance makes a good guard dog. It is easily aggravated by the presence of other breeds. However, its patient temperament makes it a good companion for children, as the bulldog never gets irritated even if they are accidentally hurt by your kids.

A bulldog rarely barks, even as a warning of imminent danger. If there's an intruder in your house, the dog may attack immediately without even barking.

English Bulldogs are susceptible to respiratory diseases, allergies and heat strokes. They usually have weak eyesight and snore noisily.

Choosing the English Bulldog puppy

Color: You have a wide choice of colors, including brown, white, black, fawn, rich red or patches of these shades.
Meet the parents: Get acquainted with the dam (mother) and sire (father) of the puppy. If they are calm and friendly, there is a high probability of the puppy having the same temperament.

Vaccination: You should ensure that the puppy is up to date with all its shots and is registered.

The most convenient way of choosing an English Bulldog puppy for sale is through an online puppy match network like Puppy Match 4 You. This website displays a wide range of puppies that have been carefully selected from professional breeders across the US. Puppies come with either a UKC or an AKC registration and a one-year health guarantee. With a reputed name guaranteeing the puppy's health and temperament, you needn't go through the hassle of assessing the parents or the breeder.